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22 January 2018

My highlight was definitely the interview I had with OOGTV about the Sustainable City Map. Even though it was nerve-racking to do, it gave me lots of energy to see that so many people were interested and enthusiastic about the map. Especially hearing from Hylke that there had formed a line outside of our office of people who wanted to have the map! However, I cannot forget the interviews I did with Coleman Ott with sustainable people from Groningen, as they gave me new insights and inspiration. Soon you will hear more about these interviews!

The Green Office was at the University Fair for international students in September, during which we promoted sustainability among new internationals. The event itself was not very different from other promotional events, except for the crazy number of students that flooded our stand. We must have spoken to hundreds of students in just 2 hours, who were constantly blocking the pathway around our little stand. I heard so many stories about how sustainability is playing a role across the world, and seen so much interest in what we do and how the UG is picking up sustainability. Therefore it was a very memorable and inspirational day!

Early November I was delighted to represent the Green Office at the Climate Conference North. It was a very inspiring day with lots of different sustainable topics. All with a common goal, to accelerate the transition starting from the North of the Netherlands!

In October we heard that 125.000 pumpkins were in danger of being destroyed because they were damaged by a hailstorm early in 2017. To prevent foodwaste, we took action and handed out a thousand pumpkins to students and university employees. The enthusiastic reactions were just amazing! As a second highlight I would have to chose the moment at the University Fair where we spoke to the amazingly enthusiastic internationals that were about the start their university career.

My favorite moment during last year was the KEI week. It was fun to see new and enthusiastic faces being active with sustainability in a laid-back environment. We organised some fun activities with among other things a giant poster of an apocalyptic Groningen. There were massages offered and good food and drinks. A perfect setting to bring across a sustainable message!

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