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Author — Lisa de Jong

Water conservation: reducing and reusing kitchen waste water

Date:23 November 2021
Everyday efforts at home have a substantial impact on our earth's water conservation. In this blog, Lisa tells us a couple of tips on how to conserve and how to optimize our use of this essential natural resource at home.
Author — Mattanja Gerritsen

The shiny world of greenwashing

Date:08 November 2021
Author:Green Office
Greenwashing, a term that the sustainable community hears more and more. What is it exactly? Mattanja walks us through the strategies companies use and how you can recognize them!
Author — Remco van Veluwen

Plant-based diet on a budget

Date:01 November 2021
Author:Green Office
1st of November is World Vegan Day and it is also the beginning of World Vegan Month! Have you ever wondered how you can have a plant-based diet on a budget? Remco gives us 6 easy tips to eat plant-based food without having to take a hit to your wallet.
Author — Laura Pihl

How to stay motivated in living sustainably

Date:19 October 2021
Author:Green Office
Keeping a sustainable lifestyle can be challenging at times, especially if others are not as invested. That is why it is important to find ways to stay optimistic in your sustainable journey. Laura Pihl gives us four tips on how to stay motivated!
Author - Ambassador Laura Corrigan

What you can do to promote biodiversity

Date:30 August 2021
Author:Green Office
Biodiversity is intimately linked to human well-being. In this blog, Laura is showing you what you can do to promote a biodiverse environment, even in urban areas such as Groningen.
Authors - Friso & Bram

The Climate Impact of your Diet

Date:14 July 2021
Author:Green Office
Food consumption has an enormous climate impact. In this blog, Bram and Friso, two RUG students and creators of, are helping you to make more sustainable food choices.
Author - Nina Buisman

How Students Should Take the Lead to Sustain our Planet

Date:04 July 2021
Author:Green Office
Students can have a great influcence in safeguarding the future of our planet. Master student Nina provides you with five hands-on tips to take the lead and take action to fight climate change.
Author - Mattanja

Misleading sustainability trends - the story of brown bags and bamboo bottles

Date:26 June 2021
Author:Green Office
Seeming sustainable has become a popular marketing strategy in the consumer industry. This trend is tricking us into buying products we don't need.
Authors: Mila & Ramya

5 apps for sustainable living

Date:18 June 2021
Author:Green Office
Green Office ambassadors Ramya and Mila are showing you five useful apps to help you live more sustainably, and turn your thoughts into actions.
The Green Office Embassy for Law & Arts: Lilly (author), Ben and Jessica

Rewriting the Waste Cycle

Date:12 June 2021
Author:Green Office
We use enormous amounts of pens everyday, but what happens to them after we throw them away? The GO Embassy for Law & Arts have set up a pen recycling project to give them a second chance.