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Positioning in practice

This site offers a wide range of technical and other tools for positioning, as well as textual and visual examples. The general guidelines below serve as a first step:

  • Think about how encounters, connections and commitment play a role in what you do and achieve in your work or study. Find out how the group of which you are part contributes to your actions and achievements. Communicate this as much as possible when useful.
  • Encounters, connections and commitment are closely related to the UG's ambitions and strategic goals tell people how this is shown by pointing them to, for example:
    • the commitment of local, regional and/or international contacts or partners
    • collaborations between specialists from various fields
    • the active contribution to the teaching process as well as students’ learning processes based on individual responsibility and commitment
    • the interaction with audience groups
    • the dissemination of knowledge and its conversion into sustainable economic and societal processes, services and business activities
    • the contributions of alumni as an additional link with society
  • Be clear. Get rid of false modesty.
  • Stress what is bold or unconventional about the UG and its approach. Focus on its innovativeness or entrepreneurship.
  • It's not just what you say, it's how you say it. But what should we, as the UG, sound like? Read our 'Tone of Voice', the guide for everyone who writes on behalf of the UG.
  • Use the expertise of UG Communication staff.
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