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University Services and your data

Privacy Statement of University Services

The Privacy Statement contains general information about how your details are handled, who is responsible for data processing and which rights you have as a data subject. This information applies to all processing activities performed by Bureau of the University. Detailed information about individual processing activities can be found in the processing register.

Privacy statement of University Services

Records of processing activities University Services

Each faculty or service unit must keep a register of all instances when personal data are processed. For each processing activity, this register briefly describes which types of data are processed, why the data are collected, what will be done with the data, and who is responsible for the processing. This will enable you to check whether we are using your data in accordance with the stipulations of the GDPR.

This register is not yet fully completed and will be updated in the coming period.

University Services comprises five clusters and two staff departments that work on various matters to support teaching, research, and other UG activities. Each cluster or staff department comprises various subdepartments that focus on specific topics. In the drop-down menu below, you can find the processing registers per cluster and staff department.

Organizational chart University Services
Staff department Governance & Legal Affairs

The Governance & Legal Affairs staff department supports the Board of the University, University Services Management and the faculty boards in terms of policy and operations. Governance & Legal Affairs provides substantive and operational support. It does so so that decision-making and policy are closely linked and have a place within the UG. The department also supports the Board of the University and Univesity Services Management in their daily work and deals with legal matters, such as private & education law or privacy. Finally, Governance & Legal Affairs manages strategic projects for the UG as a whole.

 The staff Department of Governance & Legal Affairs consists of the following departments:The staff Department of Governance & Legal Affairs consists of the following departments:

  • Management Support University Services
    • Management Secretariat
    • Participation in decision-making
    • Management Office-support for the BoU and University Services Management
  • Operations
    • Project Management Office (PMO) University Services
    • Management Control University Services
    • Demand Management University Services
  • General & Legal Affairs
    • Private Law Section
    • Privacy & Security Section
    • Education & Administrative Law Section
    • Support General & Legal Affairs

Processing Register of the Staff department Governance & Legal Affairs.

Staff department Corporate & International Affairs

The Corporate & International Affairs (C&IA) staff department develops policy, monitors strategic frameworks, facilitates implementation and connects between the clusters in the following areas:

  • National and international relations
  • Internationalization policy
  • Alumni engagement and philanthropy
  • Corporate communications (internal/external) including spokesmanship
  • Reputation management, public affairs and branding

The Corporate & International Affairs staff department consists of the following departments:

  • Alumni & Fundraising (A&F)
  • International Strategy & Relations
  • Corporate Communications
    • Strategic Communication
    • Content Team
    • Online Development

Processing Register of the Staff department Corporate & International Affairs.

Cluster Education & Students

This cluster employs colleagues concerned with education and our students. From information, policy and the application procedures of new students to teacher and student support. The Education & Students cluster consists of the following departments:

  • Student Information & Administration (SIA)
    • National
  • Student Service & Advice
    • Student Service Centre (SSC)
    • Career Services
    • Future Students
  • Strategy Education & Students Department
    • Education & Students Strategy Department
    • Teacher Support
    • Scholierenacademie

 Processing Register Cluster Education & Students.

Cluster HR & Health

Within this cluster, colleagues deal with a variety of human resources issues, including recruitment, consulting and work safety. The HR & Health cluster consists of the following departments:

  • HR Services
  • Arbo
  • HR Advice & Specialists 1
  • HR Advice & Specialists 2
  • HR Advice & Specialists 3
  • HR & Health support


Processing Register Cluster HR & Health.

Cluster Finance & Procurement

The Finance & Procurement cluster deals with matters of finance, control and procurement within the UG. Colleagues who work here are responsible for, among other things, purchasing materials and services, paying invoices, and preparing the UG budget and the UG annual accounts. The Finance & Procurement cluster consists of the following departments:

  • Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC)
  • Internal Audit
  • Corporate Control (CoCo)
  • Procurement


Processing Register Cluster Finance & Procurement.

Cluster Campus & Community

Colleagues within this cluster are responsible for the university's real estate and facilities services (on the Zernike Campus, the Healthy Ageing Campus and in the city center). The Sports Centre, the University Museum, Studium Generale and the Usva contribute to community building on the campuses. The Campus & Community cluster consists of the following departments:

  • Real Estate Organization
    • Property Management & Maintenance
    • Real Estate Business Office
    • Real Estate Projects
    • Real Estate Strategy & Development
  • Facility Organization
    • Facility Management Zernike East
    • Facility Management Zernike West
    • Facility Management City Center East & Campus Frysl»Én
    • Facility Management City Center West
    • Facility Management North Point UMCG
    • Facility Services
    • Service Desk
  • Community
    • USVA
    • Studium Generale
    • University Museum
    • ACLO Sports Centre
  • Cluster Support
    • Campus & Community Secretariat, Quality Assurance and Communication Officers.
    • Projects Campus & Community
  • Programme Management and Department of Information Services (DIV)
    • Programme Management
    • Department of Information Services (DIV)

 Processing Register Cluster Campus & Community.

Cluster Research & Impact

This cluster focuses on all research carried out within the UG and the impact it has. The cluster advises and supports the BoU, faculties and researchers so that we as UG can excel in our research and that this research is of maximum value to society. The Research & Impact cluster consists of the following departments:

  • Talent, Funding & Quality
  • Knowledge Utilization & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Consortia & Alliances
  • Societal & Governmental Engagement


Processing Register Cluster Research & Impact.

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