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Faculty of Law and your data

Privacy Statement of Faculty of Law

The Privacy Statement contains general information about how your details are handled, who is responsible for data processing and which rights you have as a data subject. This information applies to all processing activities performed by Faculty of Law. Detailed information about individual processing activities can be found in the processing register. 

Privacy statement Faculty of Law

Records of processing activities Faculty of Law

Each faculty or service unit must keep a register of all instances when personal data are processed. For each processing activity, this register briefly describes which types of data are processed, why the data are collected, what will be done with the data, and who is responsible for the processing. This will enable you to check whether we are using your data in accordance with the stipulations of the GDPR.

Last update of this register: April 4, 2024.

Within the Faculty of Law there are processing operations that can be divided into the areas of Operations, Education and Research. In the drop-down menu you will find the processing operations under the relevant domain.

Processing Register Law / Operations

Operations means the processing operations that support the primary mission of providing academic education such as, among others, personnel management, facilities and financial.

Records of processing activities Faculty of Law / Operations

Processing Register Law / Education

By education we mean those processing operations that are directly related to the primary mission of the university, the provision of academic education.

Records of processing activities Faculty of Law / Education

Processing Register Law / Research

In the link below you will find the processing that has to do with Research at the Faculty of Law.

Records of processing activities Faculty of Law / Research

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