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Developing Across Differences Learning Lab & Community Week

From:Mo 10-07-2023
Until:Sa 15-07-2023
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From 10 to 15 July 2023, Groningen will host the annual Developing Across Differences (DAD) Learning Lab & Community Week organized with the Institute for Developing across Differences (IDD).

The six-day event is equal parts:

  • LEARNING: Professional development and training
  • LAB & EXPERIMENTATION: Creation hub for trial & error in a supportive environment
  • COMMUNITY: Network building and support

The week will comprise four types of courses: ‘real world issues’ courses, ‘advanced core’ courses, ‘synthesis’ courses, and ‘early-to-mid career’ courses. The programme of learning, reflection, and content creation is intended for and led by experienced peers from the intercultural, DEI, and global citizenship education realms in Europe and beyond.

Whether you sign up one day or all days, you are invited to take part in multiple ‘laboratory experiments’ in which relevant real-life challenges and critical incidents are interrogated from multiple perspectives. Together with the trainers and your peers, you have the opportunity to contribute insights from your area(s) of expertise, and use appreciative inquiry to explore—and model how to explore—how other narratives might expose different, complementary ways of problem-solving, minimization, or prevention. New cooperations, research concepts, and practices/pedagogies will emerge from the Labs, strengthening each of the individual narratives—and the combinations thereof.

(Complimentary) evening programming, community events and local immersion options are always a part of the DADs.

To view the full programme and to register, please visit the IDD website.