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Dr. A.C. Glebbeek

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Dr. A.C. Glebbeek
Dr. A.C. Glebbeek

Arie Glebbeek is Associate Professor of Sociology. In 2007 as well as in 2009 he was awarded the Jacques van Nieuwstadt Prize, every two years given to a lecturer who according to the students is the most inspiring teacher of the Sociology Department. Mr. Glebbeek is chairman of the Programme Committee Sociology and takes - also in that role - enthusiastic responsibility for the Quality Assurance of the programme and the courses.

The teaching method of Mr. Glebbeek causes students to truly understand the courses' content and implications. He very regularly uses relevant examples and illustrations from actual life. Thus students are being offered a larger and broader view, by which their insights can result in well informed opinions and well prepared actions. ‘Students are urged to form their own opinions and during the process it is a taboo to take the easy way out. Mr. Glebbeek's secret is that he continuously renews and renovates the content of his courses: that is why the content keeps being attractive and inspiring both for the students and him self. He emphatically chooses to have the role of teacher as a director of the students' learning processes. He combines his large knowledge not only with his interest in actualities but also with tremendous rhetorical talent. His humour is catching and he can keep the attention of his students occupied, not in the least because of his exceptional gestures and mimics.

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