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Prof. D.J. Slotboom

Faculty of Science and Engineering
prof. dr. D.J. (Dirk) Slotboom
prof. dr. D.J. (Dirk) Slotboom

Dirk Slotboom is Professor of Structural Membrane Biology. He is primarily known among students of Biology and of Life Science and Technology for his first-year Biochemistry classes. Most students are apprehensive about this subject as it has a high failure rate, but Slotboom and his colleague Maarten Linskens are adept at conveying the challenging subject matter –even to students who are initially not convinced that the knowledge will be of much use.

A highly enthusiastic researcher, Slotboom uses examples from research to create links between theory and practice in his lectures. He makes it clear why a knowledge of biochemistry is not only of importance to molecular life scientists but also to biomedics, ecologists and ethologists. Students appreciate his well-structured presentations, clarity, inspiring speaking style, enthusiasm and commitment. Slotboom is always willing to answer questions and creates assignments that allow students to work through the subject matter independently. Some comments by students from subject reports: ‘The lectures of Prof. Slotboom were very clear and motivating, with examples and short stories.’ ‘Slotboom and Linskens are very good at explaining the subject matter and conveying the relevance of things that are sometimes rather abstract.’ ‘A terrific teacher. Wish I’d had him for all of my subjects.’ ‘Slotboom is cool.’ ‘Slotboom is brilliant.’

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