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Conflict of interest

In a conflict of interest, private and work interests are intertwined. As a consequence, a conflict of interests can present a threat to integrity. This matter requires constant attention, both from the organization and from its staff.

In a conflict of interest, an employee has private interests that conflict with and may adversely influence the execution of his or her University tasks and responsibilities.

This may relate to financial interests, for example in the case of a (potential) loss or gain for the employee, their partner, family member or friend.

However, there could also be circumstances that do not involve financial gain or benefit, such as enhancing someone’s career, education or professional reputation. It could also involve access to privileged information or specific facilities, or promoting a specific person or organization with whom or which the employee has a relationship, or disadvantaging a person or organization with whom/which this relationship does not exist.

The University recognizes that its staff have various interests and contacts within the local, national and international community. These links to external organizations are in the public interest and also benefit the University and the employee in question.

However, the University also recognizes that such connections may give rise to (potential) conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest can have adverse effects not only on the University but also on the employee concerned and on his or her colleagues. It is important to recognize, address and resolve conflicts of interest in a timely fashion. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, any potential conflict must be dealt with seriously and with integrity.

The responsibility for avoiding conflicts of interest rests with the employee. In case of doubt, the employee should consult his or her manager. The employee should immediately report any situation involving a (possible) conflict of interest.

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