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Reporting malpractices and irregularities

If staff suspect that someone is breaking the law, violating the regulations and/or contravening the Code of Conduct for Academic Integrity, they are expected to act. It can be better to try an informal approach first: talk to person causing the problem. If this is impossible or inadvisable, the staff member can discuss his/her suspicions with a manager. If neither of these options is suitable, the staff member can report the matter to a higher authority within the organization, such as the Faculty Board or the departmental manager.

If a member of staff needs help deciding whether or not to report an irregularity, he/she can speak to the HR advisor. A staff member may also opt to speak to the confidential advisor about the situation.

If the informal path is unsuitable or unhelpful, the staff member can make an official report of a violation of integrity or lodge a formal complaint in the case of inappropriate conduct. If a report of malpractice or irregularity relates to a member of the Board of the University, the report should be sent to the Supervisory Board.

Last modified:06 April 2021 2.52 p.m.
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