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Summer 2013

Worldwide Newsletter, University of Groningen
University of Groningen 400 years

Nine honorary doctorates on 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen

In 2014, the University of Groningen will be conferring nine honorary doctorates on the occasion of its 400th anniversary. The honorary doctors have been proposed by the University faculties in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to their fields of expertise. Read more...

Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls in the Drents Museum

The famous Dead Sea Scrolls are on display at the Drents Museum from 9 July till 5 January 2014. The exhibition has been organized by the Qumran Institute of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. Mladen Popovic, director of the Qumran Institute, is closely involved in this project. The manuscripts provide a wealth of information about the history and culture of Judaism and Christianity. Read more...

Wim Pijbes

Wim Pijbes Alumnus of the Year 2013

Wim Pijbes will be the fifth Alumnus of the Year of the University of Groningen. The General Director of the Rijksmuseum will receive the award in honour of the way that he has been able to bring the Dutch cultural heritage to the attention of a wide national and international public. His innovative approach, his promotion of high quality and his distinctive style are being honoured by his alma mater. Read more...

Using ‘Google Maps’ to zoom in on the Islets of Langerhans

Researchers at the UMCG (University Medical Center Groningen) and LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center) have visualized the complete cell structure of the Islets of Langerhans in an animal model. This makes it possible to zoom in on even the smallest cell structures in a way not unlike Google Maps, without losing sight of the overall picture. The more than 25,000 microscopic images provide insight into the development of diabetes type 1 in rats. It is the first time that a human disease has been imaged in an animal model in this way. The study was published in Scientific Reports on 8 May 2013. Read more...

Drents Museum

University of Groningen helps to create museum of the future

Imagine offering every museum visitor their own personal collection; this is the challenge that the Drents Museum has set itself. To help achieve this aim, the museum has engaged the help of the University of Groningen and together they have launched the ‘Museumplus’ project. Their joint ambition is to develop a new way of providing information, suitable for wide-scale use in the heritage sector. Read more...

Geert De Breucker

In the spotlights: Geert De Breucker

He studied classical languages, Egyptian hieroglyphics and cuneiform in Leuven, before starting a career in the headhunting business. But when a friend pointed out a vacancy for a PhD scholarship in Groningen, he quickly made up his mind. Six months later he found himself in the Netherlands doing research on the Babyloniaca by the Babylonian priest Berossos. An interview with Geert De Breucker. Read more...

Maysha Lin

Connecting Alumni in China: Maysha Lin in Beijing

My earliest memories are engraved in the streets of Groningen. My first flat was in a decrepit building right next to the Groningen Hoofdstation. I would sit by my window, sipping Earl Grey tea, looking out over the railroad tracks and watch the constant stream of people coming and going. I never imagined I would be one of those people going and I would go this far away. Read more...

Annual Review 2012

Annual Review 2012

The Annual Review 2012 aims to provide a general impression of the University of Groningen in the year 2012. It discusses a wide variety of important, interesting and remarkable news facts, trends and achievements, and presents eight portraits of people for whom 2012 was a very special year. The official facts and figures concerning the University’s activities in 2012 can be found in the University of Groningen Annual Report (in Dutch).
For printed copies of the Annual Review please get into contact with the Communication Office.

Cow parsley on a town edge

Unifocus, our online magazine

In the latest edition before the summer holidays:
Rijksmuseum director Alumnus of the Year Wim Pijbes has been elected Alumnus of the Year 2013 of the University of Groningen.
Public opinion on shale gas As part of a major study being conducted by the European Energy Research Alliance, prof. Linda Steg is studying public opinion on shale gas.
Town edges as calling cards The Groningen-Assen Region alliance has commissioned the Centre for Landscape Studies of the University of Groningen to assess the quality of town edges in this region.

The Night of Arts and Sciences

The Night of Arts and Sciences

During the Night of Arts and Sciences, on 1 June, Groningen was the capital of Arts and Sciences. The Night route took people on a personal search for ‘the unknown’, including unexpected meetings between arts and sciences in surprising places. Visitors enjoyed lectures, workshops, exhibitions, debates, scientific experiments, music, theatre, dance and unique performances where arts and sciences literally meet. You can find loads of fascinating pictures on the website (in Dutch, click on the albums). in Unifocus, the University’s online magazine.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima

Royal visit to the province of Groningen

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited the province of Groningen on 28 May. The royal couple first visited the city of Groningen and then went to Nienoord Estate in the town of Leek. The visit to our province was the first in a series of twelve to all provinces in the Netherlands after the change of monarch on 30 April 2013.

Ok Pannenborg and Sibrandes Poppema

Newsletter Alumni Chapter Washington

About 30 alumni of the University of Groningen gathered in the Dutch Embassy in Washington on March 22nd, 2013. Peter Mollema, our host and the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in the USA, opened the party by welcoming all guests. Read more...


Upcoming Alumni Events

Singapore Alumni Chapter kick-off event with Prof. Sibrandes Poppema, 23 August 2013

Invitation for alumni of the Faculty of Law

On 21 September, the Faculty of Law will host a fun and interesting day for all its alumni, with presentations by prof. D.H. de Jong and prof. F. Brandsma and a number of workshops. The event will start with a lunch and end with a drinks party, so there will be plenty of opportunity to network and catch up with your fellow alumni and the current staff of the Faculty. Please go to the website (in Dutch) for the full programme and a registration form. The presentations and workshops will be held in Dutch.

Alumni weekend in 2014

The University would like to invite all alumni of the University of Groningen to come up to Groningen from Friday 13 June to Sunday 15 June 2014, and to take a trip down memory lane!

Did you know?

  • The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) has awarded the Master’s programme in Nanoscience at the University of Groningen the label 'excellent'. Read more...
  • Professor Ben Feringa of the Stratingh Institute of Chemistry has been awarded a TOP grant of EUR 780,000 by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Read more...
  • IBM creates 350 new IT jobs in Groningen: Partnership between government, University of Groningen, Hanze University and UMCG gives economic boost to north. Read more...

The editors of Worldwide Newsletter wish you a good summer holiday!


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