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Below you can find an overview of the latest RUG news messages.

The Board of the University look back on a year of corona crisis and forward to the future
Posted on:18 February 2021

We have now been living nearly a full year with COVID-19 and measures to tackle the pandemic. It has had an impact on all of us and on all aspects of our lives. The UG has also been working with demanding restrictions during this time. How have those restrictions affected the Board of the University of Groningen? How do they see the past year and, particularly, what perspective can they offer us for the future?

Statement overeenkomst leerstoel Chinees
Posted on:18 February 2021

Statement overeenkomst leerstoel Chinees

Ocean Grazer and Ivy One winners of first Ben Feringa Impact Award
Posted on:09 November 2020

The University of Groningen established the Ben Feringa Impact Award to highlight the exceptional achievements of researchers and students in the field of knowledge utilization.

Olympic athletes should be mindful of their biological clocks
Posted on:08 October 2020

Biological clocks have sizeable effects on the performance of elite athletes. This conclusion was drawn by chronobiologists from the University of Groningen after studying the times achieved by swimmers in four different Olympic Games. Shifting the clock to reach peak performance at the right time could make the difference between winning and losing. The results were published on 8 October in the journal Scientific Reports

Meer studenten voor Wijk Inzet door Jongeren en Studenten
Posted on:10 September 2020

Het project WIJS, het initiatief dat de Gemeente Groningen en de Hanzehogeschool in 2014 startten, is uitgebreid met vier partners: WIJ-Groningen, de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Alfa-college en Noorderpoort. Vandaag wordt de komst van de vier nieuwe partners gevierd en worden de benodigde handtekeningen gezet. Het WIJS project staat voor Wijk Inzet door Jongeren en Studenten.

Complaint concerning Van Liempt’s PhD thesis declared unfounded
Posted on:21 August 2020

The Netherlands Board on Research Integrity (Landelijk Orgaan Wetenschappelijke Integriteit, LOWI) has advised the Board of the University of Groningen (CvB) about a complaint concerning the alleged infringement of academic integrity by Dr A.P.M. van Liempt. The LOWI declares that Mr van Liempt has not committed an infringement of academic integrity. The LOWI does advise him to repair the observed inaccuracies in his thesis. The Board of the University has decided to accept the recommendations of the LOWI in its final judgement. This means that the complaint that Mr Van Liempt had allegedly violated academic integrity in his PhD thesis has been declared unfounded.

RUG-student Marten Luiten pakt titel bij Europees Kampioenschap Young Riders
Posted on:21 August 2020

In Hongarije reed de 18-jarige Marten Luiten naar het goud op het EK voor Young Riders in het individuele klassement. Het is zijn allereerste jaar in deze categorie. Marten, die zijn carrière als topruiter combineert met de studie Bedrijfskunde aan de RUG, liet de Duitse Lisa Welschof en de Nederlandse Daphne van Peperstraten ruim achter zich. Met zijn paard Fynona scoorde hij op geen enkel onderdeel lager dan een zeven en behaalde hij meerdere negens.

Virus assembly has been filmed
Posted on:07 August 2020

Scientists in Groningen and Madrid have managed to capture unique images of the first steps of virus assembly. By using a very fast scanning probe microscope, they were able to film how HIV proteins begin to form a virus. It appears that the virus forming process does not proceed in a very orderly manner. At first sight, it seems very haphazard. Still, this process eventually leads to a regular virus particle. By figuring out how virus assembly takes place, research can be done in a more focused manner into anti-viral medicines that specifically hinder the forming of the virus.

Northern Netherlands carefully anticipating second wave
Posted on:22 July 2020

Even though they miss their freedom, gezelligheid and spontaneous fun, the inhabitants of the Northern Netherlands are careful when making their holiday plans for this summer. Only 14% of the Northern Dutch are going on holiday abroad this summer, compared to 60% in other years, and a mere 1% choose air travel as their mode of holiday transport. If the expected second wave hits the Northern Netherlands, 84% will support new lockdown measures. This has been revealed by research conducted by the UMCG and the University of Groningen in the second and third weeks of July.

Groningen residents roll up their sleeves for climate adaptation
Posted on:26 May 2020

This year, Groningen revolves around dealing with the effects of climate adaptation, culminating in the Climate Adaptation Week from 19 to 25 January 2021.

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