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PhD ceremony Ms. I. Vukovic: Block copolymer template-directed synthesis of well-ordered metallic nanostructures

When:Fr 03-05-2013 at 16:15

PhD ceremony: Ms. I. Vukovic, 16.15 uur, Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Dissertation: Block copolymer template-directed synthesis of well-ordered metallic nanostructures

Promotor(s): prof. G. ten Brinke, prof. K.U. Loos

Faculty: Mathematics and Natural Sciences

3D nanostructured inorganic materials appear as promising candidates for various practical applications. This thesis focuses on metal nanofoams, a novel class of 3D nanomaterials that combine the properties of metals and nanoporous materials. This unique combination allows nanoporous metal foams to be used as, for example, hydrogen storage materials, actuators, novel 3D structured batteries, substitutes for platinum group catalysts, etc.

Common approaches, such as dealloying, sol-gel synthesis, nanosmelting, combustion synthesis, etc., render metallic nanostructures with highly disordered architectures which might have adverse effects on their mechanical properties. In contrast, block copolymers have the ability to self-assemble into bicontinuous ordered nanostructures that can be applied as templates for the preparation of well-ordered metal nanofoams. The idea of block copolymer template-directed approach, relevant experimental results and future perspective will be described in this thesis. Additionally, the phase behavior of block copolymer-based supramolecular complexes, employed here as precursors to well-ordered metal nanofoams, is thoroughly examined.

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