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Mr. D. Halenahally Veeregowda: Lubrication by salivary conditioning films

When:Mo 07-01-2013 at 16:15

PhD ceremony: Mr. D. Halenahally Veeregowda, 16.15 uur, Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Dissertation: Lubrication by salivary conditioning films

Promotor(s): prof. H.J. Busscher, prof. H.C. van der Mei, prof. A. Vissink

Faculty: Medical Sciences

This thesis emphasizes the advantages of using the oral cavity as a model system for biolubrication studies. Also, we highlight the role of biolubrication in tactile perception which can be of benefit for consumer based design of oral health care products. In the end, we provide details regarding naturally occurring SCFs lubricous architectures which can be important for biomimetic lubrication research to develop artificial lubricants that can provide better wetting of oral surfaces, reducing the sensation of pain due to oral dryness and improving the oral function like chewing, swallowing and speech.

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