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Inaugural lecture Prof M.A. (Marco) de Carvalho Filho: Education for Change

When:Fr 15-12-2023 16:15 - 17:00
Where:Aula Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen
Marco de Carvalho Filho
Marco de Carvalho Filho

Education for Change

Embarking on the transformative journey of education transcends mere knowledge acquisition and skill development. It's a profound odyssey of self-discovery where students forge the values shaping their future professional landscapes. Navigating the delicate balance between openness and critical scrutiny, students challenge the status quo, unraveling societal norms while confronting pressing challenges.

Yet, reflection alone is insufficient. Students must cultivate the courage to be architects of change, recognizing that the future unfolds in the present. For educators, the task extends beyond the classroom; it's a commitment to fostering the next generation's resilience in a world rife with inequality, clamoring for democratic engagement, and grappling with finite resources.

In his upcoming inaugural lecture, Marco de Carvalho Filho delves into the imperative to revolutionize medical education for a radical transformation in healthcare. The urgency arises from the escalating demotivation among students and the mounting demographic pressures on the healthcare system. With an aging population intensifying the demand for healthcare, regions like Europe, including The Netherlands, face the challenge of 'medical deserts'—areas struggling to attract and retain qualified medical professionals.

De Carvalho Filho contends that rekindling the discourse on the purpose of education is pivotal. This revival can seed innovative educational practices, fostering student ownership and meaningful connections with their educational and professional trajectories. By weaving personal and professional development into a cohesive narrative, students evolve into critical thinkers and change agents committed to the twin causes of social justice and sustainability.

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Inaugural lecture: Prof M.A. (Marco) de Carvalho Filho

  • Title: Education for Change
  • Chair: Health Professions Education and Training
  • Faculty: Medical Sciences

Livestream on 15 December, see:

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