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Inaugural lecture Ms Prof M.A. Loi: New materials under the sun

When:Tu 16-06-2015 at 16:15
Where:Aula Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Many applications in optoelectronics such as solar cells require semiconductors that posses both very good charge carrier transport properties and also a specific band-gap for light absorption. Simultaneously, to have an impact as solar cell semiconductors, these new materials should be cheap and their fabrication should be simple.

How can we simultaneously obtain all these properties?

Artificial materials, called metamaterials, display properties that do not exist in nature and do not derive from their chemical nature. In metamaterials the physical properties stem from their specifically designed nano- and micro-structure, and from the precise shape and arrangement of their components.

Can we create an “artificial material” with enhanced properties for solar light harvesting by using nanosized “Lego” pieces; namely semiconducting Quantum Dots and linkers (ligands) bearing different chemical functionalities? In her inaugural lecture Prof Loi will discuss this and other strategies to create a new class of materials for efficient and low-cost solar cells.

More information

  • Inaugural lecture: Ms Prof M.A. Loi
  • Title: New materials under the sun
  • Chair: Photophysics and Opto-electronics
  • Faculty: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Register at the latest one week in advance by sending an e-mail to:  Stating information Inaugural lecture, name and address and number of requested seats in Aula or Corona (Corona professors only)
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