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Ben Feringa Lecture 2022 by Beatrice de Graaf (UU)

When:Fr 18-02-2022

Historian and security & terrorism researcher Beatrice de Graaf of the Utrecht University will be giving the Ben Feringa Lecture this year, on 18 February. The theme is Geographical Challenges, Security Threats. From her background as a researcher into the history of international relations De Graaf studies the emergence of various security issues from the 19th century until now. History teaches us a lot about how we should respond to societal risks.

“Teaching and studying history, for example the history of security measures, terrorism and counterterrorism, helps us to put current-day fears and anxieties in perspective.” During the Ben Feringa Lecture 2022 we will not only look at history. It will also emphasise how we can prepare ourselves for a world in which geopolitical relations geopolitical relations are changing rapidly.

The event is being organised by Holland in the Valley, Universiteiten van Nederland (UNL) and the UG and will be available online. The lecture will be in English.

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