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Announcement Rosalind Franklin Fellowships UMCG October 2014

Rosalind Franklin
Rosalind Franklin

To promote the advancement of talented international researchers at the highest levels of the institution, the University of Groningen has initiated the prestigious Rosalind Franklin Fellowship programme. This ambitious programme has been running since 2007.

The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is linked to the University of Groningen (UG). Research, teaching, training and patient care are closely integrated. Research facilities are excellent. The UMCG’s mission is ‘Building the Future of Health’ with research on Healthy Ageing as its main focus. Research is embedded in the UMCG research institutes: GUIDE (drug research an chronic diseases in relation to ageing), C.R.C.G. (Oncology), SHARE (health research), BCN-Brain (ageing brain), and Kolff Institute (biomaterials for the elderly).

Rosalind Franklin Fellowships positions

We have sixTenure Track positions for talented female researchers.

Since the focus of the UMCG is on 'Healthy Ageing', underscored by the recently initiated building of a 'European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing' (ERIBA) for fundamental ageing research, candidates with affinity to this field of research are especially encouraged to apply for a Fellowship.


  1. a PhD degree for preferably at least 3 years on reference date 11/30/2014;
  1. Exemplary research record demonstrated by publications in international top journals and/or in peer reviewed books;
  1. Proof of independence and international recognition;
  1. Experience in various working environments, preferably in different countries ;
  1. Successful in acquiring external funding for research projects;
  1. Teaching experience or proven inclination for teaching for instance demonstrated by tutoring/mentoring of individuals or small groups ;
  1. Demonstrable organizational qualities and communication skills;
  1. Awell-founded and motivated application with an innovative research plan for the first five years and a challenging outlook for the future which takes into account the international research landscape in their field of specialization;
  1. Must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the reference date of 11/30/2014. Please, check whether you are eligible to apply, by doing the eligibility check on the Rosalind Franklin Fellowship RUG webpage.

Additional criteria of the UMCG

  1. A team player with demonstrable organizational qualities and communication skills;
  1. Willingness to work in interdisciplinary teams.

More information

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In the last round of awarding Rosalind Franklin Fellowships, the UMCG has appointed the following four Rosalind Franklin Fellows:

Name Department
Mw. dr. S. Bruggeman Paediatrics
Mw. dr. M. H. Oosterveer Paediatrics
Mw. dr. S. Pyott Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Mw. dr. R. Schirhagl Biomedical Engineering

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