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University Medical Center Groningen

Cross cultural evaluation on the applicability in different cultures of the textbook Essential Oncology for Health Professionals

Haagedoorn EML, Oldhoff J, Bender W, Clarke WD, Sleijfer DTh.
Assen, the Netherlands, Van Gorcum, 1994. 412 pg. ISBN 90 232 2905 3


This survey was performed in 1995 - 1996 at the request of WHO by E.M.L. Haagedoorn and W. Bender and was financially supported by:

  • WHO grant HC/94/151722
  • Groningen University Hospital *
  • Groningen Faculty of Medical Sciences*

* Groningen UniversityHospital & Groningen Faculty of Medical Sciences are named since 2005 University Medical Centre Groningen - UMCG


  • Introduction and background

    -  Relation education - general practice
    Doctors who see cancer patients first
    Problems in cancer education
    Development of the book
    Cancer care in general practice
    Health professionals

  • Survey and Results
    -  Recruitment of Participants - Methods
    -  Disciplines of respondents
    -  Countries
    -  Questionnair
    -  The survey
  • Concluding remarks  
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