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Cancer education in Europe according to Medical Faculty and Medical Students, 1991 / 1992

This survey was excerpted February 2000 by E.M.L. Haagedoorn from the Report on the "Second WHO/UICC Survey on Undergraduate Medical Cancer Education in Europe", performed in 1991 / 1992 by the WHO-Collaborating Centre for Cancer Education (W. Bender, EdD PhD; E.M.L. Haagedoorn, MD PhD; J. Oldhoff, MD PhD), Groningen University Faculty of Medical Sciences - Groningen University Hospital, the Netherlands (since 2005 named: University Medical Centre Groningen - UMCG).

The original publication was in 1993 © WHO-Collaborating Centre for Cancer Education, Groningen. ISBN 90-801539-1-5

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