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About us Medical Sciences Education G2020 - The Groningen Medical Curriculum
University Medical Center Groningen


Developments within healthcare and in the field of medical education warrant a Groningen Medical Education curriculum: G2020. This will address the role of future doctors who will have to deal with an increasingly complex and changing healthcare system accompanied by rapidly expanding knowledge, technology and globalization. Newly graduated doctors must be able to find relevant, up-to-date and correct information quickly, put this into context and apply it.


G2020 is an ambitious, patient-centred curriculum in which everyone involved (lecturers and students) is a co-owner of the degree programme and an active attitude is the norm. In G2020 there is quick communication and close interaction between the lecturers and students, which increases ties and intrinsic motivation. G2020 wishes to equip students in the Bachelor’s degree programme with the required medical competences (CanMeds), with a focus on developing academic skills and an academic attitude.

Learning Communities

In G2020 a cohort of some 400 students will be divided into four communities known as Learning Communities (LCs), each with its own focus, profile dean and teaching staff: Global Health, Sustainable Healthcare, Intramural Care and Innovative Medicine. The LC provides the academic-medical context in which the ambitions mentioned above are realized. During the selection process for the degree programme, students choose one of the LCs. Once they have been admitted, they will complete their Bachelor’s degree programme within that LC, with the profile, the small-scale nature of the teaching and the direct contact with a limited group of lecturers creating ties amongst students and within the community.