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About us Medical Sciences Education Medicine International Students (due to Covid all incoming student mobilty has been cancelled until 1 February 2022.) Clinical Observership in the UMCG
University Medical Center Groningen

Radiology & Nucleair Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Radiology is the medical specialty concerning with imaging by x-ray, ultrasonography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This imaging helps the clinician in searching for the right diagnosis in his patients, just as may laboratory results and test, endoscopy, nuclear medicine, etc. Radiology has grown and is still growing due to technical innovations, such as multidetector CT or fast MRI. The radiology department in the University Medical Center Groningen is divided into 8 sections, each concerned with a defined group of patients or illnesses:

  • abdominal
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Thoracic diseases, lung
  • Neurology and head & neck
  • Cardiovascular
  • Breast
  • Children
  • Interventional radiology

Nearly 200.000 procedures are performed yearly.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (diagnostic and treatment)

The medical specialty of Nuclear Medicine concerns the development, improvement and application of radiopharmaceuticals for functional imaging of different diseases (Oncology, Neurology, Cardiovascular, Inflammation and General Nuclear Medicine), with a particular emphasis on PET-CT and SPECT-CT. Nuclear Medicine also offers therapy with open sources of radioactivity in combination with quantitative diagnostic techniques. Optimal application of PET and SPECT requires a multidisciplinary approach. Physicians, chemists, pharmacologists, physicists, (molecular) biologists and information technologists share a close cooperation, using their own specific expertise.

Nearly 10.000 procedures are performed yearly.

Setup of the internship

We can provide an internship where your will be able to learn more about indications and techniques in radiology and nuclear medicine and gain some experience in interpreting imaging studies. You will work with and alongside a resident.

A shorter period in each of the 8 radiology sections as well as a longer period in 1 or 2 of the sections is possible, according to wishes and experience. This can be combined with a 1 or 2 week internship at the Nuclear Medicine department based on the interest of the student. Note that a full internship only at the department of Nuclear Medicine is not possible.

The best benefit is to be gained in the clinical phase (internship) of the medical education where you have learned about differential diagnosis.

For further information (or application with CV and motivation) contact the international office at

Mind that sending in an application does not give you any guarantee that you will be accepted at the departments. All depends on the available capacity in the period of your choice.

Like to know more about some personal experierences of one our foreign students who have already done this clerkhip? Please read her report.

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