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About us Medical Sciences Education Medicine International Students (due to Covid all incoming student mobilty has been cancelled until 1 February 2022.)
University Medical Center Groningen

Bachelor options

Semester in the Bachelor of Medicine

We have a very specific curriculum where students and teachers operate/work together in Learning Communities. It’s not a teacher giving a lecture and students listening but it requires a very independent student who will react in an anticipating way.

  • If you want to apply for this curriculum please send us the following documents at least 6 months in advance.
  • A self-reflecting report: what are your learning styles, knowledge, competences with regard to our curriculum and why have you specifically applied for our faculty and our program.
  • Recommendationletter from the dean, also addressed specifically to our faculty and our curriculum: why would you be the right person for our program.
  • List of grades.
  • Description of your home curriculum: subjects, courses, content (we would like to compare).
  • Copy of your passport

Our Bachelor options

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