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SuSo PhD Grants Ceremony 2020

17 november 2020

To spur young researchers to work on societal challenges, Sustainable Society rewarded 9 University of Groningen PhD candidates with an Intercontinental grant of € 2500,- or a European grant of € 1500,-. Last week the PhD Grants Ceremony took place at Forum Groningen. Unlike last year's festive event, the PhD winners came in one by one to receive their grant and pitch their research. Less festive and perhaps even a bit overwhelming, since candidates stepped into a large studio to record their pitches on the spot in only one take, with no acquaintances in the audience. Three of the finalists weren't able to attend the recording sessions so they recorded their pitches from home. Despite the circumstances, all winners did a great job. The pitches turned out great!

What happens next? The candidate with the best and most persuasive pitch wins a bonus prize; the possibility to visualize his/her research by a professional designer. This visualization is worth € 1000,- and will serve the goal of increasing and stimulating the visibility and impact of their PhD research. The recordings of the pitches have been sent to a selection committee and will be rated. On 7 December 2020 the winner of the bonus prize will be announced. Curious to watch the PhD candidates present their pitches? Watch the recordings via the button below!

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