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Clinical variables contributing to the identification of biologically defined subgroups within cognitively unimpaired and mild cognitive impairment individuals

Objective clinical registration of tremor, bradykinesia, and rigidity during awake stereotactic neurosurgery: a scoping review

Instrumented Gait Classification Using Meaningful Features in Patients with Impaired Coordination

Quantification of symptoms of movement disorders - towards support of clinical monitoring and diagnosis

Instrumented classification of patients with early onset ataxia or developmental coordination disorder and healthy control children combining information from three upper limb SARA tests

Three Days of Measurement Provide Reliable Estimates of Daily Tremor Characteristics: A Pilot Study in Organic and Functional Tremor Patients

Exergame training in Early Onset Ataxia patients

Similar association between objective and subjective symptoms in functional and organic tremor

Forward arm extension as a cue for gait initiation in Parkinson's patients

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