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Antimicrobial loading of nanotubular titanium surfaces favoring surface coverage by mammalian cells over bacterial colonization

Class II Division 1 malocclusion treatment with extraction of maxillary first molars: Evaluation of treatment and post-treatment changes by the PAR Index

Class II division 1 malocclusion treatment with extraction of maxillary first permanent molars: Cephalometric evaluation of treatment and post-treatment changes

Clearance of ESKAPE Pathogens from Blood Using Bacterially Activated Macrophage Membrane-Coated Silicon Nanowires

Influence of interaction between surface-modified magnetic nanoparticles with infectious biofilm components in artificial channel digging and biofilm eradication by antibiotics in vitro and in vivo

PAMAM dendrimers with dual-conjugated vancomycin and Ag-nanoparticles do not induce bacterial resistance and kill vancomycin-resistant Staphylococci

Phagocytosis and macrophage polarisation on bacterially contaminated dental implant materials and effects on tissue integration

Possibilities and impossibilities of magnetic nanoparticle use in the control of infectious biofilms

Precision of orthodontic cephalometric measurements on ultra low dose-low dose CBCT reconstructed cephalograms

Recent advances and future challenges in the use of nanoparticles for the dispersal of infectious biofilms

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Steeds meer mensen dragen een beugel

Nieuwe onzichtbare beugel/New invisible braces

3D technology in the dental practice

Sherwood Park sculptor inspired to create bust of kidney dialysis inventor

Educational seminar 3D printing in Dentistry

Online info about braces can be improved.

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