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A Comparison of the Adaptive Response of Staphylococcus aureus vs. Streptococcus mutans and the Development of Chlorhexidine Resistance

A Guanosine-Quadruplex Hydrogel as Cascade Reaction Container Consuming Endogenous Glucose for Infected Wound Treatment-A Study in Diabetic Mice

Cone beam computed tomography volumetric airway changes after orthognathic surgery: a systematic review

Effect of voxel size in cone-beam computed tomography on surface area measurements of dehiscences and fenestrations in the lower anterior buccal region

In-biofilm generation of nitric oxide using a magnetically-targetable cascade-reaction container for eradication of infectious biofilms

Precision of orthodontic cephalometric measurements on ultra low dose-low dose CBCT reconstructed cephalograms

Self-targeting of zwitterion-based platforms for nano-antimicrobials and nanocarriers

Three-dimensional volumetric changes in the airway of growing unilateral complete cleft lip and palate patients after bone-anchored maxillary protraction

Upper Airway Volumetric Changes on CBCT after Orthodontic Interventions: protocol for a systematic review

Water in bacterial biofilms: pores and channels, storage and transport functions

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Steeds meer mensen dragen een beugel

Nieuwe onzichtbare beugel/New invisible braces

3D technology in the dental practice

Sherwood Park sculptor inspired to create bust of kidney dialysis inventor

Educational seminar 3D printing in Dentistry

Online info about braces can be improved.

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