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The orientation and attitudes of intermediate vocational trained nursing students (MBO-V) towards their future profession: A pre-post survey

Turnover prevention: The direct and indirect association between organizational job stressors, negative emotions and professional commitment in novice nurses

From student nurse to nurse professional: The shaping of professional identity in nursing

Professionele identiteitsontwikkeling van studenten en verpleegkundigen

The importance of contextual, relational and cognitive factors for novice nurses' emotional state and affective commitment to the profession. A multilevel study

The voice of nurses: novice nurses’ first experiences in a clinical setting. A longitudinal diary study

Dreams and disappointments regarding nursing: Student nurses' reasons for attrition and retention. A qualitative study design

Nursing students' changing orientation and attitudes towards nursing during education: A two year longitudinal study

Predicting factors of positive orientation and attitudes towards nursing: A quantitative cross-sectional study

Professional identity development in novice nurses: a diary study

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