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prof. dr. Y. (Yutao) Pei

Professor / Hoogleraar; Group leader, Advanced Production Engineering
Profile picture of prof. dr. Y. (Yutao) Pei
+31 50 36 38116 (Olga Guseva,

Research interests

Professor Pei’s group is devoted to advance engineering materials and processing technology for smart manufacturing of complex materials and products, with a special focus on laser materials processing (additive manufacturing, welding, cladding, ultra-short pulse laser ablation), physical vapor and magnetron sputter deposition processes, nanofabrication, surface engineering and tribology. The research currently performed by the group covers the development and fabrication of self-healing materials, high entropy alloys, nano-structured materials for energy storage, functional coatings and surface modification. His research approach involves fundamental understanding and application of surface engineering and production engineering on diverse materials systems in fields such as automotive industry, chemical, manufacturing, biomedical and health care.


Evolution of microstructure and deformation mechanisms in a metastable Fe42Mn28Co10Cr15Si5 high entropy alloy: A combined in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction and EBSD analysis

On the orientation-dependent mechanical properties of interstitial solute-strengthened Fe49.5Mn30Co10Cr10C0.5 high entropy alloy produced by directed energy deposition

Optimal Reynolds number of cooling water in conformal cooling molds

Tuning the crystallinity of titanium nitride on copper-embedded carbon nanofiber interlayers for accelerated electrochemical kinetics in lithium–sulfur batteries

Ultra-strong and ductile precipitation-strengthened high entropy alloy with 0.5 % Nb addition produced by laser additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of interstitial-strengthened high entropy alloy: Scanning strategy dependent anisotropic mechanical properties

Correlation between local mechanical properties and corresponding microstructures in a friction stir processed Monel alloy

Crystallographic orientation-dependent deformation characteristics of additive manufactured interstitial-strengthened high entropy alloys

Defect-healing of a laser-powder bed fusion Ti6Al4V alloy via electro-assisted micro-forging

Deformation processes of additively manufactured interstitial-strengthened high entropy alloy: In-situ high-energy synchrotron X-ray diffraction and microstructural appraisal

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