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Sensitivity to change of the Beck Depression Inventory versus the Inventory of Depressive Symptoms

Stability of chronotype over a 7-year follow-up period and its association with severity of depressive and anxiety symptoms

Can chronotype function as predictor of a persistent course of depressive and anxiety disorder?

Chronotherapy Network Netherlands (CNN)

Combined sleep deprivation and light therapy: Clinical treatment outcomes in patients with complex unipolar and bipolar depression

Comparative responsiveness of generic versus disorder-specific instruments for depression: An assessment in three longitudinal datasets

The chronotherapeutic treatment of bipolar disorders: A systematic review and practice recommendations from the ISBD task force on chronotherapy and chronobiology

Actigraphy in Combined Chronotherapy to Determine Predictors of Response in the Treatment of Depressive Disorder

Evidence for the Efficacy of Bright Light Therapy for Bipolar Depression

Repeated sleep deprivation for a more rapid decrease in depressive symptoms in combined chronotherapy?

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