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Optimal WACC in tariff regulation under uncertainty

Parametric error bounds for convex approximations of two-stage mixed-integer recourse models with a random second-stage cost vector

Pragmatic distributionally robust optimization for simple integer recourse models

The data-driven newsvendor problem: Achieving on-target service-levels using distributionally robust chance-constrained optimization

A compact arc-based ILP formulation for the pickup and delivery problem with divisible pickups and deliveries

A Converging Benders' Decomposition Algorithm for Two-Stage Mixed-Integer Recourse Models

A loose Benders decomposition algorithm for approximating two-stage mixed-integer recourse models

Piecewise Constant Decision Rules via Branch-and-Bound Based Scenario Detection for Integer Adjustable Robust Optimization

A Converging Benders' Decomposition Algorithm for Two-stage Mixed-integer Recourse Models

Convex approximations for two-stage mixed-integer mean-risk recourse models with conditional value-at-risk

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