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How to find us W. (Weria) Pezeshkian, PhD


Simulating realistic membrane shapes

Backmapping triangulated surfaces to coarse-grained membrane models

Coupling Coarse-Grained to Fine-Grained Models via Hamiltonian Replica Exchange

Dual Resolution Membrane Simulations Using Virtual Sites

A Multi-Scale Approach to Membrane Remodeling Processes

Fluctuations and conformational stability of a membrane patch with curvature inducing inclusions

Annexins induce curvature on free-edge membranes displaying distinct morphologies

Clustering on Membranes: Fluctuations and More

C24 Sphingolipids Govern the Transbilayer Asymmetry of Cholesterol and Lateral Organization of Model and Live-Cell Plasma Membranes

Faster Simulations with a 5 fs Time Step for Lipids in the CHARMM Force Field

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First simulation of a full-sized mitochondrial membrane - New algorithm links different scales, bringing simulated cell a step closer

Voor het eerst membraan van een compleet cel-orgaan gesimuleerd - Nieuw algoritme verbindt verschillende schalen, brengt simulatie cellen stap dichterbij