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Comparison of [18F]DOPA and [68Ga]DOTA-TOC as a PET imaging tracer before peptide receptor radionuclide therapy

Machine learning in the differentiation of follicular lymphoma from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with radiomic [F-18]FDG PET/CT features

Post-treatment three-dimensional voxel-based dosimetry after Yttrium-90 resin microsphere radioembolization in HCC

The integrated nuclear medicine and radiology residency program in the Netherlands: strengths and potential areas for improvement according to nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists

18F-BMS986192 PET imaging of PD-L1 in metastatic melanoma patients with brain metastases treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors: A pilot study

Comparison of F-18-DOPA Versus Ga-68-DOTATOC as Preferred PET Imaging Tracer in Well-Differentiated Neuroendocrine Neoplasms

Comparison of 18F-DOPA versus 68Ga-DOTA-TOC as preferred PET imaging tracer in well-differentiated neuroendocrine neoplasms

Head-to-head comparison between F-18-DOPA PET/CT and Ga-68-DOTA-peptide PET/CT in detecting intestinal neuroendocrine tumours: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Long axial field of view PET scanners: a road map to implementation and new possibilities

Manual versus artificial intelligence-based segmentations as a pre-processing step in whole-body dosimetry calculations

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