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Measuring body satisfaction in women with eating disorders and healthy women: appearance-related and functional components in the Body Cathexis Scale (Dutch version)

Klinische kenmerken van seksueel misbruikte mensen met een lichte verstandelijke beperking: een literatuuroverzicht

The protocol for positive body experience (PBE); introducing a psychomotor therapy intervention based on positive body exposure targeting negative body image in eating disorders

Psychomotor therapy targeting anger and aggressive behaviour in individuals with mild or borderline intellectual disabilities: A systematic review

Body experience in patients with mental disorders

Body image in patients with mental disorders: Characteristics, associations with diagnosis and treatment outcome

Negative body experience in women with early childhood trauma: Associations with trauma severity and dissociation

Psychometric properties of the Dresden Body Image Questionnaire: A multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis across sex and age in a Dutch non-clinical sample

Body-relatedness in severe somatoform disorder: Evaluation of the Dresden Body Image Questionnaire

Respiratory capacities of mitochondria of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 8066 and Candida utilis CBS 621 grown under glucose limitation

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