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Cost-effectiveness of improvement strategies for reperfusion treatments in acute ischemic stroke: a systematic review

Design approach for region-specific improvement of acute stroke care: simulation modeling to enhance organization

'Drive the doctor' for endovascular thrombectomy in a rural area: a simulation study

Simulation modelling to study the impact of adding comprehensive stroke centres. Can we deliver endovascular thrombectomy sooner?

Expediting workflow in the acute stroke pathway for endovascular thrombectomy in the northern Netherlands: a simulation model

Expediting workflow in the acute stroke pathway for endovascular thrombectomy: A simulation modelling approach

Maintaining Domain Specific Simulation Modelling Frameworks - A Case Study on Modelling Hyper Acute Stroke Pathways

Modeling the impact of adding intervention centres in the north of the netherlands to reduce delay towards endovascular thrombectomy

Trial of Mobile Stroke Units

Pathway Design for Acute Stroke Care in the Era of Endovascular Thrombectomy: A Critical Overview of Optimization Efforts

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