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Differences by sex and gender in the association between minority stress and alcohol use among sexual and gender minority youth: A daily diary study

Associations of relationship experiences dating violence, sexual harassment, and assault with alcohol use among sexual and gender minority adolescents

Cigarette Smoking and Minority Stress Across Age Cohorts in a National Sample of Sexual Minorities: Results From the Generations Study

Sexual and Gender Identity-Based Microaggressions: Differences by Sexual and Gender Identity, and Sex Assigned at Birth Among Dutch Youth

Sexual identity disparities in mental health among U.K. adults, U.S. adults, and U.S. adolescents: Examining heterogeneity by race/ethnicity

The Association Between Daily Concealment and Affect Among Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents: The Moderating Role of Family and Peer Support

Explaining Health Disparities between Heterosexual and LGB Adolescents by Integrating the Minority Stress and Psychological Mediation Frameworks: Findings from the TRAILS Study

The Rejection Sensitivity Model: Sexual Minority Adolescents in Context

Cigarette Smoking in a National Sample of Sexual Minorities From Three Generations

Discrimination, Victimization, and Hazardous Drinking among LGB Adults in the US: Findings from Population-Based Data

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