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Artificial Protein Cage with Unusual Geometry and Regularly Embedded Gold Nanoparticles

Freestanding non-covalent thin films of the propeller-shaped polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon decacyclene

High-speed atomic force microscopy reveals a three-state elevator mechanism in the citrate transporter CitS

Active probing of the mechanical properties of biological and synthetic vesicles

Control of septum thickness by the curvature of SepF polymers

Fluctuating nonlinear spring theory: Strength, deformability, and toughness of biological nanoparticles from theoretical reconstruction of force-deformation spectra

Physics of viral dynamics

Reversibly photo-modulating mechanical stiffness and toughness of bioengineered protein fibers

Single Cell Reactomics: Real-Time Single-Cell Activation Kinetics of Optically Trapped Macrophages

The ESCRT-III isoforms CHMP2A and CHMP2B display different effects on membranes upon polymerization

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