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An antibiotic from an uncultured bacterium binds to an immutable target

Fucose Binding Cancels out Mechanical Differences between Distinct Human Noroviruses

Fusion modifies the material properties of membranes

Lateral membrane organization as target of an antimicrobial peptidomimetic compound

Light-driven eco-evolutionary dynamics in a synthetic replicator system

PLA 3D Printing as a Straightforward and Versatile Fabrication Method for PDMS Molds

Rapid Internalization of Nanoparticles by Human Cells at the Single Particle Level

Role of Curvature-Sensing Proteins in the Uptake of Nanoparticles with Different Mechanical Properties

SNARE mimic peptide triggered membrane fusion kinetics revealed using single particle techniques

Structural basis of CHMP2A–CHMP3 ESCRT-III polymer assembly and membrane cleavage

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