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Structural basis of CHMP2A–CHMP3 ESCRT-III polymer assembly and membrane cleavage

The effect of biomolecular corona on adsorption onto and desorption from a model lipid membrane

Artificial Protein Cage with Unusual Geometry and Regularly Embedded Gold Nanoparticles

Freestanding non-covalent thin films of the propeller-shaped polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon decacyclene

High-speed AFM reveals the dynamics of virus budding

High-speed atomic force microscopy reveals a three-state elevator mechanism in the citrate transporter CitS

Lipoprotein particles exhibit distinct mechanical properties

Probing self-assembly dynamics by high speed-atomic force microscopy

Teixobactin kills bacteria by a two-pronged attack on the cell envelope

Active probing of the mechanical properties of biological and synthetic vesicles

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