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Neurophysiological effects of human-derived pathological tau conformers in the APPKM670/671NL.PS1/L166P amyloid mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Correction: Mismatch negativity as EEG biomarker supporting CNS drug development: A transnosographic and translational study

Functional neurophysiological biomarkers of early-stage Alzheimer's disease: A perspective of network hyperexcitability in disease progression

Neural oscillations during cognitive processes in an App knock-in mouse model of Alzheimer's disease pathology

Reproducibility via coordinated standardization: A multi-center study in a Shank2 genetic rat model for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social factors in cognitive decline in AD mouse models

Social factors in cognitive decline in AD pathology mouse models

Physiological and hormonal responses to novelty exposure in rats are mainly related to ongoing behavioral activity

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