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A proof-of-concept study on the use of a fluorescein-based 18F-tracer for pretargeted PET

Computational Design, Synthesis, and Photochemistry of Cy7-PPG, an Efficient NIR-Activated Photolabile Protecting Group for Therapeutic Applications

Hypothesis-Driven, Structure-Based Design in Photopharmacology: The Case of eDHFR Inhibitors

Light-Control over Casein Kinase 1δ Activity with Photopharmacology: A Clear Case for Arylazopyrazole-Based Inhibitors

Strategy for Engineering High Photolysis Efficiency of Photocleavable Protecting Groups through Cation Stabilization

Biaryl sulfonamides as cisoid azosteres for photopharmacology

Corrigendum: Modular Medical Imaging Agents Based on Azide-Alkyne Huisgen Cycloadditions: Synthesis and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of F-18-Labeled PSMA-Tracers for Prostate Cancer Imaging (vol 26, pg 10871, 2020)

Cross-coupling of [11C]methyllithium for 11C-labelled PET tracer synthesis

Highlight selection of radiochemistry and radiopharmacy developments by editorial board

Let’s embrace optical imaging: A growing branch on the clinical molecular imaging tree

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Restablecer el reloj biológico volteando un interruptor

Resetting the Biological Clock With an On/Off Switch

Schakelaar verzet de biologische klok

Iminothioindoxyl (ITI) switch one year later

Moleculen die op afstand bediend kunnen worden

Photopharmacology using light as an stimulus

Uitleg moleculaire lichtschakelaar

Light molecular switch

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