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Biaryl sulfonamides as cisoid azosteres for photopharmacology

Cross-coupling of [11C]methyllithium for 11C-labelled PET tracer synthesis

Structural Aspects of Photopharmacology: Insight into the Binding of Photoswitchable and Photocaged Inhibitors to the Glutamate Transporter Homologue

A Facile and Reproducible Synthesis of Near-Infrared Fluorescent Conjugates with Small Targeting Molecules for Microbial Infection Imaging

A Photocleavable Contrast Agent for Light-Responsive MRI

Fighting Staphylococcus aureus infections with light and photoimmunoconjugates

General Principles for the Design of Visible-Light-Responsive Photoswitches: Tetra-ortho-Chloro-Azobenzenes

Modular Medical Imaging Agents Based on Azide-Alkyne Huisgen Cycloadditions: Synthesis and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of(18)F-Labeled PSMA-Tracers for Prostate Cancer Imaging

Photoresponsive molecular tools for emerging applications of light in medicine

Red-light-sensitive BODIPY photoprotecting groups for amines and their biological application in controlling heart rhythm

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Iminothioindoxyl (ITI) switch one year later

Moleculen die op afstand bediend kunnen worden

Photopharmacology using light as an stimulus

Uitleg moleculaire lichtschakelaar

Light molecular switch

New research program university

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