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Cation delocalization and photo-isomerization enhance the uncaging quantum yield of a photocleavable protecting group

Correction: Multivalent probes in molecular imaging Reality or future?: (Trends in Molecular Medicine, 27:4 p:379-393, 2021)

Photocontrol of the β-Hairpin Polypeptide Structure through an Optimized Azobenzene-Based Amino Acid Analogue

Synthesis and preclinical evaluation of novel 18F-vancomycin-based tracers for the detection of bacterial infections using positron emission tomography

The fate of the contact ion pair determines the photochemistry of coumarin-based photocleavable protecting groups

Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer: A Simple Strategy for an Efficient Visible Light-Induced Photoclick Reaction

Visible Light Control over the Cytolytic Activity of a Toxic Pore-Forming Protein

Activiteit van geneesmiddelen reguleren met licht: Ontwikkelingen in de fotofarmacologie

Efficient, Near‐Infrared Light‐Induced Photoclick Reaction Enabled by Upconversion Nanoparticles

Establishing PQ-ERA photoclick reactions with unprecedented efficiency by engineering of the nature of the phenanthraquinone triplet state

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Three New EU Projects with Universität Hamburg Researchers

Moleculair succes bij ERC Synergy Grants

ERC Synergy Grants: Forschende der Uni Hamburg an drei neuen EU-Projekten beteiligt

Met licht schakelbare geneesmiddelen een stap dichterbij | Engineeringnet

Gearing up towards light-switchable drugs

Taking photoclick chemistry to the next level

Photoklick-Chemie auf die nächste Stufe bringen

Advancements in Photoclick Chemistry: Boosting Efficiency of the PQ-ERA Reaction

Faire passer la chimie du photoclick au niveau supérieur

Researchers report photoclick reactions with unprecedented efficiency

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