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University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. W.A. (Wim) Veling

Psychiatrist, Professor Psychiatry
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+31 50 361 2132 (University Center of Psychiatry)
Research Secretary:

Virtual Reality

VRelax - Virtual Reality relaxation for self-management of stress in patients with psychiatric symptoms. Pilot study ongoing.

Dynamic Interactive Social Cognition Virtual Reality Training for patients with psychosis or autism; in collaboration with GGZ Drenthe (Marieke Pijnenborg) and Erasmus MC (Kirstin Greaves-Lord). RCT ongoing. PhD student: Saskia Nijman.

Virtual Reality Aggression Prevention Training for reducing victimization in forensic clinics; Tilburg University (Stefan Bogaerts). RCT ongoing. Postdoc: Iulia Lefter (TU Delft), PhD student: Stéphanie Klein Tuente.

Virtual Reality Experiments Linking Inflammation, Psychosis and Social Environment; Erasmus MC (Hemmo Drexhage, Veerle Bergink) / Parnassia (Wijbrand Hoek). PhD student: Jacqueline Counotte.

Virtual Reality cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis; VU University (Mark van der Gaag). RCT completed. PhD students: Roos Pot-Kolder, Chris Geraets.

Epidemiology & Early Intervention studies 

Identification and treatment of early symptoms of psychiatric problems in youth; VUmc Amsterdam (Theo Doreleijers). Screening and intervention study completed. Phd student: Saliha el Bouhaddani.

Predictors of symptomatic and functional outcome after a first episode of psychosis (FEP) clinical staging, prognostic model, risk calculator; RUG (Stynke Castelein). 

Cognitieve REmediatie en Werk (CREW), RCT cognitive remediation as addition to individual placement and support for patients with first episode psychosis; Tilburg University (Jaap van Weeghel, Hans Kroon). PhD student: Daniëlle van Duin.

Global Mental Health

Psychotic disorders in an African setting: Incidence, early course, and treatment pathways, Columbia University New York, USA (Ezra Susser) / University of Kwazulu-Natal Durban, South Africa (Jonathan Burns). PI Wijbrand Hoek, Parnassia. PhD student: Martine van der Zeijst.

The Azeri Recent Onset Psychosis Survey: establishing a longitudinal recent onset psychosis cohort study in Iran; Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, RUG/UMCG (Richard Bruggeman, Behrooz Alizadeh). PhD student: Sarah Farhang.

Colouring outside the Lines: Ethnic differences in Onset, Course and Outcome of Psychosis in New York State; Columbia University (Ezra Susser, Lisa Dixon). Rubicon project of postdoc Els van der Ven.

Migrants Examined for Determinants of psychopathology through INternet Assessment (MEDINA) study: a cross-sectional study among visitors of an Internet community. RUG/UMCG (Robert Schoevers, Lian van der Krieke). PhD student: Madelien van de Beek.

Other projects
HAMLETT: To continue or not to continue, RCT (22 sites in the Netherlands) discontinuation of antipsychotic medication after first episode psychosis. Member executive board and leader of work package ecological momentary assessments, PI Iris Sommer, UMCG.
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