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Machine perfused donor kidneys as a source of human renal endothelial cells

An acute rise of plasma Na+ concentration associates with syndecan-1 shedding during hemodialysis

MASP-2 Is a Heparin-Binding Protease; Identification of Blocking Oligosaccharides

Properdin Pattern Recognition on Proximal Tubular Cells Is Heparan Sulfate/Syndecan-1 but Not C3b Dependent and Can Be Blocked by Tick Protein Salp20

An observational study on intracutaneous sodium storage in intensive care patients and controls

Long term safety of targeted internalization of cell penetrating peptide crotamine into renal proximal tubular epithelial cells in vivo

Plasma syndecan-1 in hemodialysis patients associates with survival and lower markers of volume status

A Novel Endothelial Cell Based Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity Test in Kidney Transplantation.

Association of plasma somatostatin with disease severity and progression in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

A novel endothelial cell based complement dependent cytotoxicity test in kidney transplantation

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