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About us Practical matters How to find us V.M. (Vânia) Correia de Aguiar, PhD

Research interests

Clinical and neurolinguistics: Morphosyntactic impairments and their relation to theory; language assessment and rehabilitation with a cognitive neuropsychological and linguistic approach; coadjuvant rehabilitation techniques, in particular, tDCS; neural correlates of language practice and change in individuals with stroke and primary progressive aphasia.

Psycholinguistics: priming in language production; effects of item practice and task practice.


Characterising the Long-Term Language Impairments of Children Following Cerebellar Tumour Surgery by Extracting Psycholinguistic Properties from Spontaneous Language

Developmental language disorder in sequential bilinguals: Characterising word properties in spontaneous speech

Language outcomes in children who underwent surgery for the removal of a posterior fossa tumor: A systematic review

The 10-Word Auditory Verbal Learning Test and Vocabulary Performance in 4-and 5-Year-Old Children

The development, reporting and dissemination of aphasia therapy software: A survey

Understanding User Needs for Digital Aphasia Therapy: Experiences and Preferences of Speech and Language Therapists

An Umbrella Review of Aphasia Intervention descriPtion In Research: the AsPIRE project

The noun-verb distinction

Treating lexical retrieval using letter fluency and tDCS in primary progressive aphasia: a single-case study

De ervaringen en voorkeuren van logopedisten wat betreft afasietherapie-apps

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