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Practical matters How to find us V.M. (Vânia) Correia de Aguiar, PhD

Research interests

Clinical and neurolinguistics: Morphosyntactic impairments and their relation to theory; language assessment and rehabilitation with a cognitive neuropsychological and linguistic approach; coadjuvant rehabilitation techniques, in particular, tDCS; neural correlates of language practice and change in individuals with stroke and primary progressive aphasia.

Psycholinguistics: priming in language production; effects of item practice and task practice.


Treating lexical retrieval using letter fluency and tDCS in primary progressive aphasia: a single-case study

Understanding User Needs for Digital Aphasia Therapy: Experiences and Preferences of Speech and Language Therapists

De ervaringen en voorkeuren van logopedisten wat betreft afasietherapie-apps

The Experiences and Preferences of Speech and Language Therapists Regarding Aphasia Therapy Apps

Brain volumes as predictors of tDCS effects in primary progressive aphasia

Cognitive and language performance predicts effects of spelling intervention and tDCS in Primary Progressive Aphasia

What Drives Task Performance During Animal Fluency in People With Alzheimer's Disease?

Language processing from the perspective of electrical stimulation mapping

The Role of Word Properties in Performance on Fluency Tasks in People with Primary Progressive Aphasia

Imageability ratings across languages

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