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Biallelic variants in POLR3GL cause endosteal hyperostosis and oligodontia

Cognitive and affective outcomes of genetic counselling in the Netherlands at group and individual level: a personalized approach seems necessary

Modifier genes in SCN1A-related epilepsy syndromes

Pregnancy in Advanced Kidney Disease: Clinical Practice Considerations on a Challenging Combination

Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic Kidney Disease

Three-dimensional facial morphology in Cantu syndrome

Towards personalized genetic counselling: exploring subgroups among counselees based on different facets of empowerment before the first visit

A large outcome study on genetic counseling in the Netherlands: empowerment and emotional functioning

A validated PROM in genetic counselling: The psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the Genetic Counselling Outcome Scale

Assessment of parental mosaicism in SCN1A-related epilepsy by single-molecule molecular inversion probes and next-generation sequencing

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Letter on NWO personal grants funding in NRC

Film research of Department of Genetics UMCG