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Research interests

Vassilis Kyriakou scientific background includes chemical and electrochemical reaction engineering, materials science, heterogeneous catalysis, and solid-state electrochemistry. Vassilis' research group at ENTEG focuses on nanoengineered electrocatalysts for electrochemical membrane reactors and relevant processes towards sustainable chemical energy storage. Devices involve renewable-power fueled solid oxide electrolysers and fuel cells, protonic ceramic cell reactors and alkaline cells. Examples of processes are carbon dioxide and water electrolysis towards carbon monoxide and hydrogen, dinitrogen fixation to ammonia, methane conversion to ethylene and hydrogen and others.


A novel multi-channel porous structure facilitating mass transport towards highly efficient alkaline water electrolysis

Hierarchical microporous Ni-based electrodes enable “Two Birds with One Stone” in highly efficient and robust anion exchange membrane water electrolysis (AEMWE)

Deep reconstruction of Ni-Al-based pre-catalysts for a highly efficient and durable anion-exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzer

Mixed hydride-electronic conductivity in Rb2CaH4 and Cs2CaH4

Roadmap on exsolution for energy applications

CO2 conversion via coupled plasma-electrolysis process

One step electrochemical fabrication of high performance Ni@Fe-doped Ni(oxy)hydroxide anode for practical alkaline water electrolysis

Plasma Activated Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis from Nitrogen and Water

Plasma Driven Exsolution for Nanoscale Functionalization of Perovskite Oxides

An Electrochemical Haber-Bosch Process

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