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CO2 conversion via coupled plasma-electrolysis process

Plasma Driven Exsolution for Nanoscale Functionalization of Perovskite Oxides

An Electrochemical Haber-Bosch Process

Enhancing the Electrocatalytic Activity of Redox Stable Perovskite Fuel Electrodes in Solid Oxide Cells by Atomic Layer-Deposited Pt Nanoparticles

Symmetrical Exsolution of Rh Nanoparticles in Solid Oxide Cells for Efficient Syngas Production from Greenhouse Gases

Co-electrolysis of H2O and CO2 on exsolved Ni nanoparticles for efficient syngas generation at controllable H-2/CO ratios

Demonstration of hydrogen production in a hybrid lignite-assisted solid oxide electrolysis cell

In Situ Observation of Nanoparticle Exsolution from Perovskite Oxides: From Atomic Scale Mechanistic Insight to Nanostructure Tailoring

Plasma-Activated Electrolysis for Cogeneration of Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen from Water and Nitrogen

Plasma aided electrocatalysis for nitrogen fixation

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