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Alternative Splicing Is a Major Factor Shaping Transcriptome Diversity in Mild and Severe COPD

COPD Patients Display Increased Peripheral Blood Somatic Mutations Which Associate With the Prevalence of Co-morbidities

Genome-wide forward genetic screening to identify receptors and proteins mediating nanoparticle uptake and intracellular processing

IL-33 induced gene expression in activated Th2 effector cells is dependent on IL-1RL1 haplotype and asthma status

A bronchial gene signature specific for severe COPD that is retained in the nose

Airway wall splice quantitative trait locus analysis reveals novel downstream mechanisms for known asthma single-nucleotide polymorphisms

A proteomics approach to identify COPD-related changes in lung fibroblasts

Cellular Senescence Is Associated With Extracellular Matrix Dysregulation in COPD

FastCAR: fast correction for ambient RNA to facilitate differential gene expression analysis in single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets

FIRRM/C1orf112 is synthetic lethal with PICH and mediates RAD51 dynamics

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