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The ant or the grasshopper? The long-term consequences of Unilateral Divorce Laws on savings of European households

Economic conditions at birth and cardiovascular disease risk in adulthood: Evidence from post-1950 cohorts

Moral hazard and selection for voluntary deductibles

The role of life-course socioeconomic and lifestyle factors in the intergenerational transmission of the metabolic syndrome: Results from the LifeLines Cohort Study

Unpacking the determinants of life satisfaction: a survey experiment

Born at the right time? Childhood health and the business cycle

Pension wealth and household savings in Europe: Evidence from SHARELIFE

Exposure in utero to adverse events and health late-in-life: Evidence from China

A Multinational Longitudinal Study Incorporating Intensive Methods to Examine Caregiver Experiences in the Context of Chronic Health Conditions: Protocol of the ENTWINE-iCohort

Parental housing wealth and children’s marriage prospects in China—evidence from CHARLS

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