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Angiogenic regulatory influence of extracellular matrix deposited by resting state asthmatic and non-asthmatic airway smooth muscle cells is similar

The sputum transcriptome better predicts COPD exacerbations after the withdrawal of inhaled corticosteroids than sputum eosinophils

The 'un-shrunk' partial correlation in Gaussian graphical models

Correction for the shrinkage effect in Gaussian graphical models

Uncertainty propagation in shrinkage-based partial correlations

Exact hypothesis testing for shrinkage based Gaussian Graphical Models

Gene network approach reveals co-expression patterns in nasal and bronchial epithelium

Significance Tests for Gaussian Graphical Models Based on Shrunken Densities

Gene regulatory network reconstruction with prior knowledge over mRNA data for COPD patients and controls

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The ‘un-shrunk’ partial correlation in Gaussian graphical models - BMC Bioinformatics