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Ephemeral Economies? Investigating Roman Wetland Exploitation in the Pontine Marshes (Lazio, Central Italy)

Michael Teichmann: Quantitative Untersuchungen zum römischen Siedlungswesen im südlichen Latium. Wien: Phoibos 2020. 353 S. 125 Farbabb. 4°. (Phoibos Humanities Series. 7.)

The origins of the Roman economy: from the Iron Age to the early Republic in a Mediterranean perspective

The Roman Hinterland Project: Integrating Archaeological Field Surveys around Rome and Beyond

Towards an Integrated Database for the Study of Long-term Settlement Dynamics, Economic Performance and Demography in the Pontine Region and the Hinterland of Rome

Wetland Reclamation and the Development of Reclamation Landscapes: A Comparative Framework

City-Hinterland Relations on the Move? The Impact of Socio-Political Change on Local Economies from the Perspective of Survey Archaeology

Contextualising ceramic production at Satricum: An economic perspective on Archaic and early Roman South Latium

Leven en werken in de Pontijnse moerassen: een overzicht van recent archeologisch onderzoek

Terra sigillata in southern Latium: The evidence from the Pontine Region Project (1987-2014)

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KNIR Artist in Residence met archeologen op veldwerk in de Pontijnse moerassen

Un team di olandesi per riscoprire la Pontinia “nascosta”

Un team di olandesi per riscoprire la Pontinia “nascosta”

Prossima fermata Forum Appii

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