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Ariel planetary interiors White Paper

CO2 Ocean Bistability on Terrestrial Exoplanets

Geophysical Evolution During Rocky Planet Formation

Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE) I. Improved exoplanet detection yield estimates for a large mid-infrared space-interferometer mission

Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE) II. Signal simulation, signal extraction, and fundamental exoplanet parameters from single-epoch observations

Prevalence of short-lived radioactive isotopes across exoplanetary systems inferred from polluted white dwarfs

Reduced Late Bombardment on Rocky Exoplanets around M Dwarfs

A multispecies pseudoadiabat for simulating condensable-rich exoplanet atmospheres

Beyond Runaway: Initiation of the Post-runaway Greenhouse State on Rocky Exoplanets

Bifurcation of planetary building blocks during Solar System formation

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