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Heeding Supply Chain Disruption Warnings: When And How Do Cross‐Functional Teams Ensure Firm Robustness?

Managing boundaries in multiteam structures: From parochialism to integrated pluralism

Hoe complexer en onbekender de verstoring, hoe meer samenwerking loont

Het vergroten van adaptiviteit bij Defensie: Increasing military adaptability

Improving Evaluation of Civil-Military Cooperation

Managing Coordination in Multiteam Systems: Integrating Micro and Macro Perspectives

The Duality of Boundary Spanning: Its Positive and Negative Effects on Team Effectiveness

The Paradox of Multiteam Work: Factors that Pull Systems Apart and Push Teams Together

Managing interteam coordination within and between organizations

Antecedents of individuals' interteam coordination: Broad functional experiences as a mixed blessing

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