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Facilitating campus interactions - critical success factors according to university facility directors

Hoe hoogwaardige gebiedsontwikkeling slaagt: ervaringen in reconstructie van stationsomgevingen

How a new university campus affected people in three villages: the dynamic nature of social licence to operate

Strategic spatial planning through pragmatic blueprints: Forms and levels of adaptivity in modernist planning of the Dutch IJsselmeerpolders

What collaborative planning practices lack and the design cycle can offer: Back to the drawing table

Critical success factors for campus interaction spaces and services – a systematic literature review

Design Dialogs as a Specific Mode of Communication: About the Ongoing Exploration of Solution Space

Explaining Dutch Spatial Planning

Going beyond quick fixes and compromises: what design enables when people tailor places to their needs in collaboration

Communication: About the Ongoing Exploration of Solution Space

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De Lelylijn volgens wetenschappers: 'Wishful thinking'